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Mission: To create space to meaningfully engage in critical dialogue on racial equity, diversity and inclusion within organizations.

REACT offers education and consultation services to engage community on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion through an anti-racism lens, and to support organizations in responding effectively to race-related matters within their organization.

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Who is Jodie Glean-Mitchell?

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Jodie Glean-Mitchell has dedicated her career to developing educational programming in the field of antiracism, equity and inclusion.  In 2011, Jodie attained her Masters of Arts in Educational Studies from Concordia University. Her graduate thesis is entitled, ‘Where is my History?’ – An Examination of the Representation of African-Canadians in the Montreal high school history textbooks, Panoramas volumes 1 & 2. Presently, Jodie is completing her PhD degree in Education at York University focusing on the relationship of equity policies and equity offices in the narrative of student success.

Jodie brings more than seven years of experience in the field of equity and inclusion and advancing discussions on antiracism efforts in organizations. Currently, Jodie is the Director of the Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office at the University of Toronto. In 2017, Jodie was the recipient of the Leadership in Learning Award from Canadian Association for the Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment in Higher Education. In 2020, Jodie was awarded the Harry Jerome Diversity Award by the Black Business Professional Association.

Jodie established REACTCanada – Race Equity Advisory Consulting & Training – in September 2016. Having facilitated over 500 education sessions on human rights, antiracism, implicit bias, microaggressions and accessibility, Jodie is able to capture audiences and engage in difficult yet necessary dialogue to support the development of inclusive practices in learning and working environments.

Jodie’s audiences/clients have included the Canadian Union of Public Employees, YMCA Toronto, Ontario Public Service Employee Union, AIDS Network Hamilton and Neighbor to Neighbor (Hamilton).

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Education Workshops


REACT offers the following sessions virtually and in-person. Sessions are typically 2 workshops. Contact Jodie Glean, services@reactjodieglean.com for more information or if you require a customized session or keynote presentation.

Introductory Training on Anti-Black Racism for Organizational Change 

In this session participants will:

  • Engage in discussion and information-sharing on the historical context of race and racism in Canada and its present day impacts on the Black community;
  • Discuss the fluidity of anti-Black racism within systemic and institutional structures
  • Explore the interconnectedness of social identities, privilege and whiteness; and
  • Reflect on their personal journey with locating one’s self in the discourse of racism and anti-racism work.

Deeper Dialogues on Anti-Black Racism: Understanding Whiteness and Debunking Myths

In this session participants will:

  • Engage in dialogue on the concepts of euro-centrism, whiteness and white supremacy and how they manifest in organizations
  • Deepen understanding of the myths of meritocracy, reverse racism and racial invisibility and their implications for perpetuating anti-Black racism
  • Reflect on their personal journey and identify daily actions that can be taken to engage in anti-racist behavior

Antiracism & Organizational Change Toolkit

In this session participants will: 

  • Define and explore the principle of Antiracism and its relationship to organizational change
  • Identify the relationship between EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) and Antiracism programming within organizations
  • Identify and define organizational bias and systemic barriers that impact Black and racialized communities from entering and/or feeling included within organizations
  • Discuss the principles and tools required to establish an Antiracism strategy within the work environment

Introductions to Understanding Race and Inclusion in Work Environments

Organizations must take proactive steps to make sure they are not allowing racial discrimination or harassment to occur. Participants at this session will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of how to identify  discriminatory acts and their responsibilities to address these behaviours.

Deepen Your Practice: Understanding Antiracism Pedagogy in the Learning Environment

Educators must be prepared to nurture perspectives other than their own, to diversify the syllabi and be more aware of classroom dynamics, paying  close attention to how students/participants are experiencing the learning process. This session will provide participants with strategies on how to create the conditions under which racial  diversity can flourish.

Understanding & Addressing Racial Microaggressions

Microaggressions have been proven to create toxic work and learning environments. Participants in this session will attain a deeper understanding of microaggressions, identify the behaviors and engage in discussions on strategies to prevent and respond to microaggressions.

Understanding Racialized Spaces in Antiracism Work

A session that increases dialogue on how to form and sustain racialized spaces (affinity groups, coalitions, collectives) within organizations and their importance as a tool in organizational change.


REACT understands that scheduling a 1 or 2 hour workshop is not always feasible. As such, REACT offers consultations during team meetings. Consultations can include:

  • 30 minutes information sharing (based on the requested topic or issue to be addressed) during staff/team meetings
  • 1 hour facilitation with team members during a meeting to support difficult interpersonal conflicts (as the issues relate to race).

For information on fees, contact services@reactjodieglean.com 



Non-profit Rates*
  • 2 hour session – $3000.00
  • Half day session
  • (3 hours) – $4500.00
Corporate Rates*
  • 2 hour session – $4000.00
  • Half day workshop
  • (3 hours) – $6000.00

*Fees can be adapted to organization’s budgets and will vary based on workshop needs.

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To book a workshop, consultation or complaint resolution package contact:

Email: services @reactjodieglean.com | Telephone: 647-983-6701