Diversity and Inclusion Tip Sheet


Common terms that organizations genuinely wish to embrace; but are you committing to these terms effectively? Are you aiming to increase diversity in your organization? Or are you aiming to increase inclusion? …Yes, there is a difference.

5 tips to increasing diversity:

–          Management must commit to the process

–          Engage in a diversity gap analysis

–          Audit recruitment practices

–          Engage community stakeholders when job posting

–          Measure organizational progress

5 tips to increasing inclusion:

–          Management must commit to changing workplace culture

–          Measure a candidate’s competency for inclusion and respect during recruitment

–          Provide ongoing education and support to the team on inclusive practices and communication on topics such as race, gender, accessibility, to name a few

–          Do not silence, dismiss or avoid addressing any concerns raised by team members

–          Audit services provided to identify gaps in inclusive practices

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